Vaginal Dryness Causes and Treatment For Natural Lubrication


A dry vagina is a sure way of bidding bye to sex irrespective of age or circumstances. Many women who suffer this problem often suffer quietly if not assisted. The problem is even worse when the society culture, personal experience and tradition calls for total submission and suppression of own sexuality. Any sexual expression that may be noticed is interpreted as a sign of immorality and bad behavior. Any anxiety bent on igniting sexual excitement therefore with resultant lubrication of the genitalia and bringing fulfillment of sexual activity is totally squashed.

Vaginal dryness is a physical condition that occurs when the entire female sexual organ is not lubricated. This situation makes intercourse uncomfortable; in most cases it causes pain and even injury sometimes leaving bruises and sores. It may be said it is prevalent during menopause mainly but we should not forget causes are varied and may even be found in teens and other age groups. Accompanying dryness often may be some itching, burning, irritation and pain or light bleeding during sex. All these combined display exact clinical symptoms of dryness.

The most glaring cause of vagina dryness is the decreased estrogen levels in the body. This hormone production naturally goes down when there is no much sexual activity resulting in reduced muscle lining and thinning of the vagina wall. Other clinical drugs derail estrogen delivery too; these are medications for cancer, ulcers, high blood pressure, diabetes plus any allergies not forgetting sexually transmitted diseases. Yeast often makes severe attacks on the vulva causing micro flora imbalance; cleansing of the vagina with unregulated pH soaps too leaves inflammations that bring about dryness lubrikační gely.

Treatment of dryness is multilevel from gels, creams to estrogen skin patch therapy. One peculiar herbal gel called Hersolution is now in the market promising to turn round sexual life of all women suffering from this condition. Helpless women have come back to life and are beaming with vigor and ready to take several rounds of shots from men. Users have given testimonies and exciting tales of how their youthfulness has been restored. There is no more negative look and no more psychological and physical strain either.

Hersolution Gel is a topical herbal cream made from natural plant derivatives. It has all the necessary essences and rich active ingredients ready to stimulate the genitals. All research tests have cleared it as clinically clean and approved for use and has no known side effects. The cream essentially ignites the blood flow to the walls of the vagina; in turn physiological activities of the muscles take over by switching on nerves hence more lubrication and control of the sex action gets underway. The long forgotten libido is automatically ignited and more pleasurable experiences get noticed.

The ingredients of Hersolution Gel are botanical essences, vitamins, olive squalene, cocoa butter, aloe vera extract and shea butter. The formula is very precise; it gives the desired and expected results. Other aphrodisiac compound additives help in increasing sexual stamina resulting in improved performance and prolonged orgasm. Other catalysts added for accelerated absorption through the skin are menthol, citric acid plus purified water. Many women have reported fine sensation and better control of vagina lips after short and brief application of this cream. Easy and smooth penetration coupled with a lot of warmth and love for more sex.

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